Pond Hopper's Introduction

March 14, 2019

From the Pond Hopper Team

In 2013, Forbes published an article saying that eight out of every ten businesses would fail within eighteen months. That’s 80%! We are at a time in history when more small businesses than ever before are starting. Skilled employees and tech-savvy millennials are launching new ventures with exciting advancements. The challenge that new business owners face is communicating their abilities to the world. Developing a commercialization strategy is both challenging and expensive. At Pond Hopper, we simplify this process and save your budget by utilizing our experience to bring your product to market. We pair your business with qualified, independent distributors. Additionally, we take full responsibility for their training and we hold our distribution community accountable to the goals which we have established. Essentially, partnering with Pond Hopper means that you are hiring a Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales Training and an ENTIRE SALESFORCE without generating a single W2. Is this all too good to be true? It may sound that way, but our Pond Hopper consultants have been there and done this! Combined, our consultants have sold over $500 million in product across the Americas and Europe. There is no fee for an initial consultation with our team. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Ask us how we can help….