What is the cost of entry?

March 20, 2019

From Pond Hopper

Once you have decided to enter the United States Market, you need to determine exactly what your selling organization will look like, how much it will cost and what level of sales would be needed to pay for it all. Because of its diversity and sheer size, selling in America requires a large infrastructure. The most basic selling team includes a Vice President of Sales on top with a Director of Sales Training right below. In the smallest organizations, three Region Managers would report to the Vice President. In larger organization, a Director or Area Vice President level would be in between. 

What is the cost of an organization like this? Did you know that the average salary for a Vice President of Sales in the United States is $195,000? The average salary for a Director of Sales Training is north of $135,000. Additionally, you must factor in the cost of health coverage for each employee which averages out to $15,000 per year as well as a retirement contribution of at least three-percent if you want to be competitive and attract top talent. That means, your first two hires will cost you $369,850! Unless you are sure to sell over $1.5 million in your first twelve months, you will be upside down on your investment.

Let Pond Hopper help you. Pond Hopper works as a Distribution Consultant. We will recruit, hire and train top independent selling talent. We manage the selling process, hold the distribution community accountable and work with your team to achieve necessary results. We serve as your Vice President of Sales, Director of Training and whatever else you need to grow your business. At the end of our agreement, you are given two choices- extend your agreement and we continue our relationship or let it expire, and we transition the business management back to your organization purposefully so that no interruption occurs to your business.

By partnering with Pond Hopper, you will limit your risk, eliminate your overhead and enjoy peace of mind knowing that highly-trained, experienced professionals are managing your salesforce. To learn more about how we can help your business, send us a message to We look forward to partnering with you.